A Melanoma Patient’s Survival Guide: Lemons Really Do Make Lemonade


This poignant book tells the story of one woman’s battle against melanoma. Through more than a half-dozen surgeries to fight the spread and recurrence of the disease, the author somehow manages to maintain her sense of humor and her optimistic outlook. She makes a convincing case for the idea that mental attitude is an important adjunct to medical treatment.


Through seventeen chapters, the author describes what it is like to find oneself suddenly a member of “Club Melanoma,” as she puts it, and then describes the critical questions any new patient needs to ask their doctor before agreeing to a course of treatment. She explains some of the important test and procedures in terms a layperson can understand. She gives a candid description of the emotional ups and downs she experienced as she battled back one incidence, only to have another danger arise.


Her comments on the role of the family are very relevant, as she makes the point that when cancer strikes, the entire family is affected. As part of mental conditioning, she describes steps taken to avoid becoming a “one issue person” (boring!) at cocktail parties and other social events, and also describes methods to combat insomnia brought on by constant worrying over one’s health. The title reveals the author’s spirit. When presented with the big medical “lemon” of melanoma, she found ways to “make lemonade” by using her experiences to save the lives of others.

A Melanoma Patient’s Survival Guide: LEMONS REALLY DO MAKE LEMONADE

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  • A Melanoma Patient’s Survival Guide: Lemons Really Do Make LemonadeSally Welsh

    No one is better qualified than Sally Welsh to write about melanoma from a patient’s point of view. In this heartfelt story, Sally tells what it’s like, and offers many practical suggestions to ease the trauma associated with this terrible disease. Her book has brought comfort to thousands, and she has unselfishly donated the proceeds to support life-saving research. Sally lives with her husband, Terry, in Newport Beach, California. Her battle with melanoma has fostered in her an interest in helping others who are facing (or know someone who is facing) the ordeal of melanoma. She does not call herself an expert on the subject, nor a medical resource. She is, rather, just another “traveler on the road.” She hopes her insights will help you and yours. Sally donates all proceeds from the sale of this book to doctors engaged in melanoma research.

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