My artistic endeavors have been varied over the years. As a child I always had a passion for art—especially drawing and painting. My first formal study of art began in college when I began working in oils and discovered the thrill of working abstractly with brush strokes to create shapes, and layers and juxtaposition of colors suggesting movement. Later I began to work abstractly in the third dimension, where I created bronze sculptures using the lost wax method. A disciplined study of drawing offered a new direction. Viola! I could actually draw realistically! Adding an ink wash to a pen and ink drawing of an owl led me to begin working with water based media and I loved the way the transparent colors flowed on the paper. I began making representational watercolor paintings in the eighties.


I discovered a fascination with reflections and the interplay of light and shadow on objects and scenes. This affects the way I perceive the world and is reflected in my paintings. I have always been drawn to water and find that living near the sea I’m exposed to a constant variety of interchanging light and shadow and infinite variations of the ocean that one day can be leaden grey, the next day dark and ominous, and on still another, brilliant blue and turquoise.

Our beach community has provided an endless source of subjects to paint, from waves breaking on the shore, to birds to shells and flotsam that is tossed ashore by the waves. Flowers thrive in the coastal environment and have always been important subjects for my art. My love of boating and the nearness of Newport Harbor are a constant source of inspiration, and for me, watercolor is the perfect means to express these visions.

A new phase has begun in my painting life. I have rediscovered the spontaneity of abstract expressionism and have currently gone back to that earlier style using watercolor and oil based media, while also continuing my realistic work in watercolors.


When Dockside Sailing Press began, a new artistic opportunity opened up for me—book illustrating and design. I have drawn or painted illustrations for several new books, as well as creating the cover art and designing the book.


I was born in Glendale, California and am an eighth-generation Californian—a descendent of Spanish rancheros of Orange County. My earliest aspiration was to be an artist. I graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles, with a BA in Education. While there I studied oil painting under Robert Hanson, and art education with Constance Perkins. I taught elementary school for L.A. Unified School District, where in addition to being a regular classroom teacher, I developed art curricula and trained instructors. In the late 60s I studied sculpture with Henry Guerreiro and completed the “Beach Fantasy” series of bronzes. In the 70s I began a series of hand weavings under the encouragement and guidance of Janislee Arvanitas of Albuquerque, New Mexico, then founded and operated a handicrafts business which marketed quilts and other linens of my own design. In the 80s I returned to fine art and painting in earnest, while studying life drawing, oil and watercolor painting at Santa Monica College with Don Emery, James Urmston, Mario Barratucci and Judy Elgart. 


My work has been exhibited at Occidental College, Santa Monica College, ANCO Engineers Inc.’s Community Artists Program in Santa Monica and on Catalina Island, where I won Best of Show in the Isthmus Art Festival. I have also exhibited at the California Yacht Club and the UCLA Alumni Artist’s Exhibit. Since moving to Newport Beach I participated in the 2009 Orange County Invitational Exhibit of Contemporary Southern California Representational Painters at Bowers Museum. I had a solo exhibit at the former Boller Gallery in Balboa, was featured in an exhibit of “Four Artists, Four Visions” at a studio on the Balboa Peninsula, and have shown my work at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club’s annual Art Exhibit. My work is represented in several private collections in California, Hawaii, Arizona, New Jersey and Wisconsin.


A room without books is a body without a soul  — Cicero

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