Dockside Sailing Press began in our floating office in Newport Beach, California, in 2007, with the objective of offering local authors an alternative path to publication. An author myself, I recognized that the publishing world was undergoing fundamental changes in the way manuscripts were selected for publication, printed, and delivered to readers. The advent of print-on-demand publishing created new opportunities for first-time authors and established authors alike. Authors have more freedom, but also must assume greater responsibility for promoting and marketing their books.


Our editorial board set high standards; only manuscripts received by referral are considered, and of those evaluated, no more than three per year are selected for publication. This enables our dedicated staff to focus on all aspects of creating a successful book: editing, design, art, maps or special features, and promotion and marketing. Books are published in both paperback and e-book formats. They are purchased by readers in over 20 countries. There is another special aspect of our authors that we’re proud of: over half of our authors donate all or part of their book earnings to a charitable cause.


Welcome to Dockside Sailing Press. Your purchase of our books has benefits beyond a good story—it helps find a cure for melanoma, supports several veterans' programs, contributes to Alzheimer’s research, aids lightning strike victims, supports Catholic charities, and assists with education in the South Pacific and Africa. On behalf of all our authors, I thank you, our readers, for your interest in great books.




A room without books is a body without a soul  — Cicero

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