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Signed copies of Craig Smith's books can be ordered directly from Dockside Sailing Press. These make great personalized gifts to your archaeologically-inclined, sailing, or golfing and outdoors friends. Please refer to the bottom of this page for more information.


How the Great Pyramid Was Built (hard bound or paperback, 288 pages, 18 colored plates, 72 black and white illustrations, Smithsonian Institution Press, 2004). This book tells the story of how the Great Pyramid in Egypt was constructed over 4,500 years ago. It has a foreword by Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities for Egypt. The book was recently translated into Spanish. Today it can be found in over 900 libraries covering every state in the United States and 20 foreign countries. This book is of interest to the general reader and especially for anyone who has visited Egypt or has an interest in archeology.

Hard bound - $32.00 ($27.95 + $4.05 TSH); Paperback - $19.00 ($15.95 + $3.05 Tax, Shipping, Handling)

Also can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lido Village Books.



Extreme Waves (hard bound, 291 pages, 15 colored plates, 19 black and white illustrations, Joseph Henry Press, 2006). The world's oceans continue to surprise us. Among the startling findings of this book is that waves 80 to 100 feet high occur much more frequently than previously thought and a surprising number of large vessels are lost every year due to weather. Smith has given a number of talks in the U.S. and Canada at aquariums, nautical or marine museums, and yacht clubs, and invariably someone comes up afterwards with a "big wave" story. This book is of interest to the general reader, sailors, and anyone living in coastal zones where tsunami are a possibility.

Hard bound - $32.00 ($27.95 + $4.05 Tax, Shipping, Handling)

Also can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lido Village Books.  Extreme Waves, 2nd ed. available in Kindle & Nook formats. - $7.99.



Lightning: Fire from the Sky, (paperback, 304 pages, 12 colored plates, 20 black and white illustrations). Smith's most recent nonfiction book explains, in an uncomplicated manner, what causes lightning, how it propagates, what it can do to humans and infrastructure, and how to protect yourself from its devastating effects. There are some surprising findings: Lightning strikes 100 time per second, somewhere in the world; of 10 people struck by lightning, 3 die immediately, but 3 more will die a few years later from the lingering effects. Most survivors suffer from a host of physical and mental problems. An ideal present for golfers, boaters, and other outdoors sports enthusiasts. You just might save someone's life!

Paperback - $20.00 ($16.95 + $3.05 Tax, Shipping, Handling) Available from Dockside Sailing Press, Lido Village Books and Amazon. Also available in Kindle and Nook formats- $5.99.



House of Miracles (E-Book, 221 pages, Dockside Sailing Press, 2010) This novel takes place in Brazil in the 1960s. It tells the story of one man's quest to find himself and achieve his dream of creating a new life in the rawness of the Brazilian backlands. In the course of doing so, Steve falls in love with a beautiful and mysterious black woman named Malaika--a mulata descended from the blending of African slaves with the Portuguese colonists. Through her, he learns the true nature of love and the sacrifices it entails. Rich with the mystique of Brazil and its blend of African, indigenous Indian, and Portuguese cultures, the story takes the reader through exotic jungles and wastelands and into the seamy side of Brazilian violence and vigilante justice, before Steve accomplishes what he set out to do. Meanwhile, his religious beliefs are challenged when he is exposed to Macumba, a black religious cult characterized by ritual dancing and sorcery. Accompanying Steve on this journey are some unforgettable characters, not the least of which are several slightly lecherous but lovable old men who will charm the reader as they narrate the tale.

House of Miracles is available in Kindle and Nook formats - $2.99  



For gift books, include the name and address of the recipient(s) and they will receive an autographed book with a confirmation to you.


For autographed books ordered direct from Dockside Sailing Press, make checks payable to Dockside Consultants Inc. and send to:

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